Founder & GSO

Founder & GSO (Global Strategy Officer)

Hyeon Joo Park
Hyeon Joo Park
  • 2021

    Awarded Korean Negotiation Grand Prize

  • 2017

    Awarded 26th Dasan Financial Grand Prize

  • 2016

    Appointed as the Chairman of Mirae Asset Daewoo

  • 2015

    Received Best Mega-sized Company award

  • 2002

    Completed Harvard Business School CEO course

  • 2001

    Appointed as the Chairman of Mirae Asset

  • 1999

    Founded Mirae Asset Securities

  • 1997

    Founded Mirae Asset Investment

  • 1997

    Founded Mirae Asset Capital

Mirae Asset 20th anniversary
  • Founding Principles

    Mirae Asset was established based on unique founding principles, with a vision of creating value for clients and society as a whole.

    As a global financial group, we serve not only our clients but broader society as well. We want our company to display a unique and forward-looking philosophy that provides solutions for all of our stakeholders.

    Greetings at a meeting of overseas subsidiaries (2018)
  • Permanent Innovator

    It is our commitment to permanent innovation that has allowed us to become the leading financial investment group in Korea.

    Mirae Asset challenges itself to pursue innovation in all areas of business. Our success began with imagination, and has become a long-standing reality established upon unfaltering dedication.

    Greetings at 20th anniversary meeting (2017)
  • Eye for the future

    Our investment approach is based on a unique, forward-looking investment philosophy.

    There lies no growth if no investment. We must trust that our investments can change the future. We believe we can change the future if we never stop seeking forward-looking investment and innovation.

    Greetings at 20th anniversary meeting (2017)
  • Mirae Asset
    Park Hyeon Joo

    With a culture that embraces warm capitalism, we promise to serve the citizenry by returning to society.

    We shouldn't forget to keep a spirit of warm-heartedness in the fast-changing world. Our commitment to society has always been a central element of the firms culture.

    New Year's message (2018)
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