What We Do

What we do

As Korea’s leading financial institution, we ensure our investment activities are firmly based on
sound principles and know-how accumulated through our rich experience in the investment world.
We strive to provide our clients greater value and help bring about a vibrant society through investment.

  • Investment Principles
    We identify companies with sustainable competitiveness.
    • Companies with sustainable competitiveness are those that enjoy competitive advantages in market share, business model, corporate governance, and earnings growth.
    • At Mirae Asset, we believe share prices eventually converge with earnings growth and subsequent cash flow. Thus, our search for sustainable competitiveness is an effort to identify the high-quality factors in a company that will lead to stable earnings growth.
    We invest with a long-term perspective.
    • A long-term perspective is vital to determine whether a company’s competitiveness is sustainable. We look beyond short-term share price volatility to earnings growth, the main driver behind long-term price movements.
    • Investing in the intrinsic competitiveness of individual companies is the very essence of long-term investment.
    We simultaneously assess investment risks and expected returns.
    • Assessments of risks and returns always go hand in hand. Valuation, corporate governance, liquidity, and other key factors must be monitored constantly to evaluate potential risks to a company’s long-term competitiveness.
    • Exposure to assets deemed too risky is limited, and the Risk Management Division continuously checks to ensure actual investments adhere to our principles.
    We value a team-based approach in decision-making.
    • At Mirae Asset, our successful investment management is based not on the decisions of any one individual, but rather on a team commitment to adhere to our investment principles and process.
    • Mirae Asset does not rely on star managers. Rather, division members collaborate extensively to create portfolios that conform to our investment principles.
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