Why Mirae Asset




Powerful and easy to use trading platform and tools

  • HOTS (Home Online Trading system)

    HOTS is the most user friendly application which is designed to provide fast and stable order execution as well as powerful charts and various convenient functions.

  • Neo HOTS (Mobile Trading System)

    Trade Stocks from wherever you are with Neo HOST Mobile for iOS and Android.


Low and Fair Price

  • Our Pricing is simple and flat-Rate on All Online Equity Trades.
  • Transaction fee is 0.15% for Buy and 0.25% for sell.


Our best Customer Service ready to serve during Business hour (Monday-Friday, 08:00-17:00)


High quality of investment information
Smart Investing start with the right information, make smarter Trading decisions and update your strategy with access to our valuable research and stock news.


Provide free education
We provide free education for our trading system and trading strategy for every level from beginner to expert (According to your needs).


Data and information are priceless assets for the Company. Data and information are valuable and shall be protected, and therefore, it is important for the Company to protect the confidential and valuable data and information from any unauthorized parties and misuse.

In carrying out the company's operations and to ensure that the operations are in line with the information security framework and to ensure that the Information Security Management System (ISMS) can fully support the performance, implementation and achievement of the business goals and objectives, the Management of PT Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia is committed to:

  • Maintain the Company's information confidentiality level.
  • Maintain and ensure the integrity of Company's information.
  • Ensure the availability of data and information.

Recently, the Company has been certificated with ISO 27001:2013
related to Information Security Management System (ISMS).
The Company already has policies or operating procedures for handling the system whenever problems with the customer's online system occur by having a Work Unit or Division that can accept customer orders if a problem occurs with the customer's online system and the Company also has a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to ensure the Company's operation sustainability if disaster or other things occur resulting in the Company's Head Office being unable to operate.

PT Mirae Asset Sekuritas continuously and consistently conducts BCP trials to ensure that the equipments and procedures used in implementing BCP are in good orders. This is s part of the Company's commitment to provide services to customers.

The Company has a Work Unit that handles customer complaints, here, each complaint can be submitted to the Customer Service Work Unit and/or through OJK Consumer Protection Portal Application (CPPA).

Customers can contact Customer Service during Business Hours
Monday - Friday, 08.00-05.00 PM WIB

Call Center : +6221 150350
Email :

The Company will inform customers if there are problems or disturbances or issues with the company's system, via email or website and/or other official media.

Customer Orders using online facilities can be made with the following steps :

    1. Customer inputs order directly through HOTS or Neo HOTS applications using customer's User ID and Password.
    2. Customer can contact our CS Division via number 021-150350 that will provide order instructions and verification in advance if Customer is unable to input the order himself through HOTS or Neo HOTS Application.

Customers can contact Customer Service if there are problems or obstacles in making orders through HOTS or Neo HOTS Applications, including if there are customer's pending instructions/orders.

Customer Service 150350 (Indonesia) Support