Why Mirae Asset Sekuritas? - You will find out many reasons to join Mirae Asset Sekuritas.

Powerful and Ease-to-use Trading Platform & Tools

HOTS ( Home Online Trading System ) more
HOTS is the most user friendly application which is designed to provide fast and
stable order execution as well as powerful charts and various convenient functions.
MTS ( Mobile Trading System ) more
Trade Stocks from wherever you are with Mirae Asset Mobile for iOS and Android.

Low and Fair Price(on-line)

Our pricing is simple and flat-rate on all online equity trades.
Transaction fee is 0.15% for buy and 0.25% for sell.

Our Best Customer Service

We offer short hold times, fast email responses and instant online chat.
Whatever you need from us, we'll make it easy to get. 

High Quality of Investment Information

Smart investing starts with the right information. Make smarter trading decisions
and update your strategy with access to our valuable research and stock news